Verona in one day, what not to miss!

Verona in one day, what not to miss!

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Verona is most known for the city of the famous Romeo and Juliet. So it’s no surprise that the city is perfect for a romantic getaway. But also for culture and history lovers, the city has a lot to offer. If you are spending your holiday on the southern part of Lake Garda, then a daytrip to Verona should definitely be on your “to visit” list! Let us take you on a trip through Verona that will show you all the city highlights in one day!

Piazza Brà and the Arena
As they say, early bird catches the worm so to make the most out of your day (and trust me, there is a lot to see in Verona), it would be wise to leave early. You can park your car in one of the parking garages close to the city centre, such as Parking Cittadella and continue on foot. Of course Verona is also accessible by bus or train. The first stop is Piazza Brà, the famous square with the coloured houses on the side and the world famous Arena as the main attraction. For a small price you can also visit the Arena from the inside when there are no special events. In summer the Arena is used for opera’s and you can see the pieces of décor stalled between the Arena and the park.

Ponte di Castelvecchio
If you walk bak to the Portoni della Brà, the antique walls with the clock, and turn right in Via Roma, then at the end you will walk into Castelvecchio (literally: old castle). There is also a museum here if you like religious art and paintings. At the side of the Medieval castle you will find the beautiful bridge Ponte di Castelvecchio. This bridge is a perfect spot for fantastic landscape pictures or romantic selfies.

Via Mazzini
For the next part you will have to walk back to Piazza Brà. On the left side from the Arena you will find the most famous shopping street of Verona: Via Mazzini. Here in this beautiful street with marble tiles you will find both the big names such as Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton but also the more affordable Bershka and Zara. Don’t forget to grab an icecream at Patagonia, it’s my favourite ice cream shop in the city!

Piazza Erbe and Juliet's house
At the end of the street you will see Piazza Erbe on your left, but we’ll get there in a minute. First we will take a right turn to visit Juliet’s house. After a few typical tourist Romeo and Juliet shops you will find an entrance to a courtyard. There you will find the famous balcony from which Juliet listened to Romeo’s serenades. You will also see a bronze statue of Juliet with a lot of tourists touching her left boob. This is supposedly to bring luck. Italy is after all the land of superstitions. If you now follow your way back, you get to Piazza Erbe. This beautiful square was the market square back in the roman era and still today you will find a daily market with fruits and vegetables but also clothing and fridge magnets for the people back home. Make sure that you also look up because the houses on the side of the square have some magnificent fresco’s! If you’re already feeling hungry, there are plenty of bars where you can eat something but be prepared for tourist price tags. For a more quiet lunch I would advise to continue walking a bit more.

Ponte Pietra and lunch with a view
If you go towards the end of the square to Palazzo Maffei, you can take a right turn into Corso Sant’Anastasia. If you follow this until the end, you will get to the Santa Anastasia church which is nice church to visit as well if you have some time. On the square take a left turn and at the first intersection go right; we are now walking towards Ponte Pietra, the famous stone bridge. The road will make a curve to the left, follow this. For lunch I would recommend Cappa Cafè or Terrazza Bar al Ponte; both have a beautiful patio on the other side of the building facing the river. After lunch you can continue in the direction of Ponte Pietra. Walk all the way to the other side and turn around for an amazing view of the city. And while you’re on this side of the city anyway, the amphitheatre Teatro Romano is worth a visit as well!

Verona's cathedral
The last stop of this tour is the beautiful cathedral of Verona. Walking back on the bridge Ponte Pietra, take a right turn when back on the other side and keep following this road. You will walk right into the back of the cathedral. The cathedral is built in Roman style and inclused a lot of red marble, something the city of Verona is known for. Be sure to enter because the cathedral’s interior is absolutely gorgeous!

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